Airspace Information Calculation System (AICS)

AICS from VGS is a unique versatile milestone calculation system, which makes use of the standard arrival routes (STAR) vector structure, to calculate various Airport Operations milestones such as ATMO, ELDT, ALDT, AIBT, AOBT and ATOT in an accurate and automated fashion.

Based on the flight plan data and an A-SMGCS/SSR data stream, AICS from VGS determines these milestones by combining real-time navigation and conditional geo-fencing information.


  • This innovative system provides well-defined and accurate information that allows your operational processes to run smoothly supporting efficiency and operational excellence by calculating automated, accurate (CDM) milestones. It feeds this essential information into AODB in an automated fashion
  • AICS from Visual GeoSolutions automates processes that have been manual until now. This automation renders more accuracy and supports streamlining of your airports operational cost models
  • AICS assists deploying operational events timely based on accurate milestone calculation
  • It provides you with the opportunity to anticipate and mitigate operational challenges and the opportunity to leverage your resources to the max!
  • Optional collecting of statistical values for calculating Variable Taxi Time (ACDM)

AICS enables you to:

  • Reduce workload of you airport operations team, by autonomous calculation of milestones
  • Increase efficiency by improving consistent the quality of estimation- and actual- time stamps
  • Improve response times and more overview in exceptional situations
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Achieve a smooth ACDM implementation at your Airport


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