Our Airport Solution entails a series of products that can be integrated in one solution or used as stand-alone products. This is a key feature that provides the flexibility to support the specific needs of each airport. Our Airport Solutions Products are:

Aerial View Display (AVD):

AVD presents a real-time and visual overview of the airport. AVD shows aircrafts and other vehicles or resources with their precise position on your airport’s map with their actual operational status going beyond the requirements for situational awareness.

It leverages status information from the airports operational flight plan (AODB) and surface movement information from ASDE-X/A-SMGCS.  AVD communicates via standard technologies and is highly configurable. This feature enables AVD to grow with your airport and comply with any future requirements such as integration of new resources. AVD is a compilation of two modules:

    • Aerial View Display for Airport Operations (AVD-AO): Aerial View Display for Airport Operations provides an intuitive bird’s-eye-view of the airport with an accurately scaled aerial view of the terminal buildings, gates, stands, remote parking positions, cargo facilities, and maintenance areas.


    • The Aerial View Display for Mobile Equipment (AVD-ME): Aerial View Display for Mobile Equipment (AVD-ME) uses absolute (MLAT, ADS-B, or GPS/GSM-based) and relative (active TAG based) to provide position information and position monitoring of multiple mobile objects on an accurately scaled thematic map or aerial photograph of the airport area, provided they are equipped with adequate hardware.


Airspace Information Calculation System (AICS):

AICS from VGS is a unique versatile milestone calculation system, which makes use of the standard arrival routes (STAR) vector structure, to calculate various Airport Operations milestones such as ATMO, ELDT, ALDT, AIBT, AOBT and ATOT in an accurate and automated fashion.


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