Aerial View Display (AVD)

AVD is a compilation of products that delivers a direct and “real time” bird’s eye view of what is happening at an airport.
The AVD is a compilation of two modules.

Aerial View Display for Airport Operations (AVD-AO)

Aerial View Display for Airport Operations displays an intuitive overview of the airport with an accurately scaled aerial-view of terminal buildings, gates, stands, remote parking positions, cargo facilities and maintenance areas.

The system acts as an integrated geographical Front-End for the Airport Operational Database (AODB) and Resource Management System (RMS).

AVD-AO displays comprehensive information about the aircraft in parking positions, as well as the flights assigned to those aircraft. Graphical indicators show other information, such as Ten Miles Out (TMO), boarding status, operative conditions at gates and de-icing status.

Each aircraft appears as a schematized representation of its aircraft type and moves in synchronization with the flight status updates processed by the Airport Operational Database and/or Resource Management System.

AVD-AO presents you with a highly intuitive, continually updated view of the use of gates, stands, parking positions of aircraft’s and other resources.

Benefits: Everything you need to know about the current state of your operation is visible on a single graphical display. Due to the Geographical Information System kernel of the system, AVD-AO can combine information from multiple sources and display them in single easy-to-read view.

AVD-AO enables you to:

  • Increase overview on the airside operations because of a top view and enhanced control, which leads to improved efficiency.
  • Respond immediately and consistently to unplanned events that disrupt the pre-planned schedule.
  • Improve passenger satisfaction by minimising last-minute changes.
  • Preview of the flight plan
  • Playback (with all events) of critical situations or incidents

The Aerial View Display for Mobile Equipment (AVD-ME)

Aerial View Display for Mobile Equipment (AVD-ME) provides position monitoring of multiple mobile objects, provided they are equipped with adequate hardware. Mobile equipment is displayed on an accurately scaled thematic map or aerial photograph of the airport area. This includes all gates, stands, remote positions, as well as car parking and maintenance areas.

AVD-ME is capable of using absolute (MLAT, ADS-B, or GPS/GSM-based) and relative (active TAG based) position information sources. AVD-ME can even provide retrieval and display (positional) information from other systems, such as the AODB.

Due to the Geographical Information System kernel of the system, AVD-ME can combine information from multiple sources and display them in single expressive view. For example, a combination of displaying vehicles on the apron, actual aircraft parking positions and A-SMGCS (MLAT, ADS-B or ground radar) information will lead to Situational Awareness and a dramatically increased overview of surface movements at the airport.

Benefits: the AVD-ME offers increased efficiency, safety and security having a positive impact on the performance of several departments, from planning to security, from fire department to ground handling and airport management in general.

AVD-ME enables you to:

  • Increase efficiency by improving control and overview.
  • Increase security by enhancing surveillance possibilities and safety.
  • Improved planning by providing better information about actually used tracks.
  • Improve response times and more overview in emergencies.
  • Increase safety Operations and Ground handling:
    • By keeping track of proximity information,
    • By increasing overview, safety and providing Proof of Service.

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