VGS provides the Aviation Industry with straightforward, flexible and highly adaptable solutions.

VGS Airport Solution

With the VGS Airport solution, we assist airport management and airport operations to realized business strategy and achieve success and growth through outstanding operations and savvy business management.

Our solutions are targeted to provide an “intelligent bird’s eye view” of the operational reality of the airport. So that operational teams can improve long term performance and are able to react efficiently to unexpected events.

What makes the VGS Airport Solution different from the rest?

The “Operations” viewpoint used by the VGS Airport Solution to efficiently integrate and render information sets it apart from any other similar product in the Market today.
Some of the most interesting features of the VGS Airport Solution are:


Our software leverages and integrates inputs from the existing infrastructure (hardware, software and sources of information) and to create an accurate “real time” visual representation “an image” of that information.

Why is visualization important?

Images are much more efficient than words. They convey information in a way that our brain immediately understands.

For example: if you would put the image the apron of an airport, with all the available information of the objects on that apron in a normal text-based format, you will end up with multiple pages of isolated information that need to be analyzed before there is an understanding the compiled message.

However, if, you look at the same information in a “visual format”, you would know in a matter of seconds whether the situation on that apron is normal or if you need to take any corrective action.

Operational Perspective:

One of the most interesting characteristics of our solution is that the software has been designed keeping in mind operational and management oversight. It provides a virtual operational “snapshot”.

Why is operational perspective important?

The software offers the flexibility to provide the information in a way that serves the specific needs of the person or team requiring the operational oversight of the airport. This allows for effective operational management, risk mitigation and efficient corrective measures.

Couple of examples on the value of the operational perspective:

    • Predefined views: the user has control over how the events are displayed by predefining views that suit specific operational.


    • Interpretation of inputs for operational purposes: The system is not just providing a picture; it is interpreting different types of information such as the airport operational database.


  • Transparency: Our product provides an airport with accurate operational information and the background of that information. This enables the airport to react efficiently to what happens including an overview of their operational processes. This has a great impact on quality management.

Operational Excellence and Proof of Service:

The product provides the possibility to play back events and identify the exact link in the operational chain leading to a specific event so that one can introduce effective corrective measures can be applied.


The type of information and the level of detail displayed are “definable” by the user.

Why is flexibility important?
Our product’s screens, messages and pop ups can be customized by the user. The levels of information can be defined based upon user profiles: functional and clearance level. People see what they need to see and what they are authorized to see.

Platform Independent:

We can connect to nearly any source of information in the airport and leverage it to create an accurate graphical representation, regardless of the source.

The VGS Airport Solution can be customized to interact effectively with standard and non-standard sources of information as long as that source has been described.

Why is this important?
Being virtually platform independent creates substantial savings and expedites the implementation process.

Cost effective and Easy to implement:

Because we leverage on existing infrastructure, the implementation of our solution is cost effective and easier than similar products in the market. Users can keep on working within their known environment. This minimizes operational disruptions.

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