The VGS Airport Solution enhances you airport’s predictability, awareness, punctuality and flexibility, all of which are key features of Airport-Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM).

In addition, the VGS Airport Solution delivers essential information to support the A-CDM Turn-Around Process (the milestone approach).

Examples of these milestones are:

  • FNLT/TMO (ten miles out),
  • ELDT (estimated landing time),
  • ALDT (actual landing time),
  • AIBT (actual in-block time),
  • AOBT (actual off-block time), and
  • ATOT (actual take-off time).

VGS has established a strong track record in providing straightforward, flexible, and highly adaptable solutions for the aviation sector.

Our mission is to offer airport management and airport operations the cutting-edge tools they need to achieve operational excellence and growth.

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